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RESUME of Kazutaka KURIHARA, PhD            9/22, 2012 (under construction)

Research Scientist Media Interaction Group Information Technology Research Institute National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Working Address:
E-mail: k-kurihara [ at ]

- Presentation tools
- User Interfaces for education
- Pen-based user interfaces
- Practical applications of recognition technologies
- User interfaces based on constraint solving techniques

=======WORK EXPERIENCE======
- Assistant professor at Tokyo University, 2007-2008. 
- Currently a lecturer at Chiba Prefecture General Education Center.
- JSPS Research Fellow, 2006.
- Chief developer of IPA Exploratory Software Project, 2005 (Super Creator Nominee).
- Part-time lecturer at Heisei International University, 2005.
- Internship at AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) for two seasons, three months in total, 2005.
- Research assistant at 21st Century COE Information Science and Technology Strategic Core Project for a year, 2004-2005.
- Internship at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing, China) for three months, 2003.
- Developer of IPA Exploratory Software Project, 2003.

- Intensive experience with:
* Computer languages: C#.NET/ASP.NET, C/C++, Perl/CGI/Javascript and Java
* Software systems development:
- TabletPC software programming
- Parallel and distributed computing using MPI and CORBA
* Hardware: Construction of optical motion capture system

- Received an Ph.D. degree in Information Science and Technology, March 2007, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
Ph.D. Thesis: A Study on Software Tools for Flexible Presentations.
- Completed an intensive educational course of Professional Programme for Strategic Software, October 2004, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
- Received a M.S. degree in Engineering (Mechano-Informatics), March 2002, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
M.S. Thesis: Realtime Data Processing of Optical Motion Capture and its Application for Humanoid Teleoperation.
- Received a B.S. degree in Engineering (Mechano-Informatics), March 2000, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
B.S. Thesis: Micro-thermocouple Sensor and Data Logger System Mounted on Insects.
- Graduated from Utsunomiya high school, March 1996, Utsunomiya, Japan.

Kazutaka Kurihara, Masataka Goto, Jun Ogata, Yosuke Matsusaka and Takeo Igarashi, "Presentation Sensei: A Presentation Training System using Speech and Image Processing," Proc. of ACM ICMI International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI 2007), pp.358-365, 2007.

Kazutaka Kurihara and Takeo Igarashi, "A Flexible Presentation Tool for Diverse Multi-display Environments," Proc. of INTERACT 2007 (Short paper), pp.430-433, 2007.

Kazutaka Kurihara, "A Study on Software Tools for Flexible Presentations," Presented at The ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Doctoral Symposium (UIST 2006).

Kazutaka Kurihara, Masataka Goto, Jun Ogata and Takeo Igarashi, "Speech Pen: Predictive Handwriting based on Ambient Multimodal Recognition," Proc. of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'06), pp.851-860, 2006.

Kazutaka Kurihara, David Vronay and Takeo Igarashi, "Flexible Timeline User Interface Using Constraints," Proc. of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems(CHI'05), pp.1581-1584, 2005.

Kazutaka Kurihara, Shin'ichiro Hoshino, Katsu Yamane and Yoshihiko Nakamura, "Optical Motion Capture System with Pan-Tilt Camera Tracking and Realtime Data Processing," Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation(ICRA2002), Vol.2, pp.1241-1248, 2002.

Introduced by:
Michael K. Kato and Vincent C. Ricci, "Mobile Learning in Japan: Why the Future has Already Arrived in Asia," The eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions, September 11, 2006.

Besides above, I have domestic publications including 3 refereed journal papers, and 3 refereed conference presentations.
The complete list of my publications is available at .

=======ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS================
A Member of Information Processing Society of Japan, 2005-present.

Ig Nobel Acoustics Award, 2012/09/20
JSSST 12th best paper Award, 2008.5.29.
Second Best Paper Award in a Japanese domestic conference WISS2006.
Second Best Presentation Award in a Japanese domestic conference WISS2006.
Best Award in Maxell Anoto digital pen software contest: Interactive Entertainment "Mugen-Karuta", 2005.
Best Award in Microsoft tabletPC software context: Presentation & Communication Tool "KOTODAMA", 2003.
JSPS Research Fellow, 2006.
Hirayama Scholarship, 1996.

Yoshihiko Nakamura, Katsu Yamane, Kazutaka Kurihara, and Ichiro Suzuki, “BODY MECHANICS CALCULATING METHOD, BODY MECHANICS MODEL, ITS MODEL DATA, AND BODY MODEL PRODUCING METHOD,” 03755056.3-2305-JP0306344, (21.05.03), countries: DE, FR, GB, IT.

I have 3 more inventions being applied now in Japan.

=======LANGUAGE SKILLS================
Japanese, English, and basic Chinese

=======ACTIVITIES AND OTHER SKILLS================
Captain of The University of Tokyo Aikido Club, 1999. (Black belt: 3rd. dan level)

=======REFERENCE LETTERS===========
Will be furnished on request. Letter of Recommendation from Assoc.Prof. Takeo Igarashi(Computer Science, The University of Tokyo) is also available.

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